Group Overview

As a local Macau-based company with over 100 employees, the MACK International Group Limited (MACK) comprises across a spectrum of technology businesses in Macau. The Group and the subsidiaries-NetCraft Information Technology (Macau) Co., Ltd., MACK Technology Limited, iMACK Solutions Co., Ltd. continues to do its utmost to build its technology and product and solution development business by enhancing customers' satisfaction in our excellent service commitment in the business scope of worldwide brands of IT products, environmental protection and energy conservation, electrical and mechanical engineering, audio-visual products, system integration, consulting services and maintenance.

Group Vision

Our scope of services and solutions includes of information technology, environmental care and technology and advanced audio-visual automation products. With our concrete experience and the back up and rigid support and powerful alliance of manufacturers, we provide an ultimate service with sophisticated techniques and proven experience.

Group Mission

We provide sets of information technology, environmental technology, and audio-visual products for our customers as a service brand to our customers and meet their objectives and needs.


Our expertise is rich of experience and quality service to improve the visibility of the Group, with the high-quality products and solutions to expand the market share of the Group's program.

Corporate culture

Group of companies has been adhering to a set of principles, called "Ten Values for Success". These values form the basis of our corporate culture, guiding us to achieve total customer satisfaction. Our shared beliefs listed below indicate the standard for us to deal with our customers and behave towards each other.
Ten creeds of our corporate culture:

1. Mutual Respect
2. Teamwork
3. Quality Service
4. No Bureaucracy
5. Sense of Responsibility
6. Conscientiousness & Fidelity
7. Energetic and Enthusiasm
8. Innovation & Implementation
9. Practicality
10. Punctuality & Tidiness